Shroud’s Return To Twitch Brings In Half A Million Viewers

Shroud’s Return To Twitch Brings In Half A Million Viewers

The streamer recently signed a new deal after Mixer’s collapse and is back on Twitch exclusively.

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I hope there’re no hard feelings.
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Inside SHROUD’S NEW $10,000,000 House

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It feels like every kid growing up nowadays wants to be a streamer or content creator. It’s no secret if you become one of the top streamers in the world you’ll be making a ton of money. Well Shroud is no secret to cash and just used that money to buy himself a new $10 million dollar mansion!

You may not know who Shroud is but you may have heard of fellow streamer Ninja. A quick back story, during the Fortnite era Ninja and shroud were at the top of Twitch and both signed over to competing stream platform Mixerto where they were paid an undisclosed amount of money. However when mixer decided to close its doors both Ninja and Shroud were released from their contracts but were reportedly paid out their contracts with Shroud being paid an estimated $10 million dollars. So it’s no surprise to see Shroud making big moves and buying this stunning property.

Shroud purchased his new home in September of 2021 for $9,400,000. Which has already turned into a good investment as it’s estimated to be worth around closer to $10 million dollars with the way the real estate market is exploding. The home is located in Los Angeles County, California. For the safety and privacy of Shroud we won’t be releasing the address of the home and we encourage you to respect his privacy by not sharing the address or visiting the home at any time.

The property sits on roughly 2 acres of land with a stunning backyard space. Shroud is going to have some pretty hefty home costs outside of the staggering purchase price. He’ll be looking at around $75,000 per year in property taxes and roughly $50,000 per year in homeowner’s insurance. Which I doubt will be much of an issue for the big time streamer.

The home is a 6 bedroom and 8 bathroom with 6,710 square feet of living space breaking down to about $1,400 per square foot. As you make your way into the gated hilltop property you have views as far as the eye can see. As you make your way into the home you have a seating area front and center with large floor to ceiling windows showcasing the view. There is a stunning gas fireplace that acts as a divider in the center of the room. On the flip side you have a wall of sliding glass doors that leads out to the stunning backyard space. Down the hall you will find the formal dining room which leads into the kitchen of the home. The kitchen offers quartz countertops with tan cabinets with a super cool lite backsplash.

Located on the first floor you’ll find the master suite which offers direct access into the backyard. The master bathroom offers separate vanities and a soaking tub with views on views.

Stepping out into the backyard you’ll see why this home is worth so much. The only thing that can buy a stunning view like this is a lot of money and that’s exactly what Shroud had to shell out. The backyard is set on a terrace with a large infinity pool hanging over the hill side. This backyard would be the perfect place to throw a backyard pool party. But something gives me the vibe that Shroud isn’t that type of homeowner. When you take a step back and look at the home you probably question the estimated $10 million dollar value. But keep in mind a large portion of that value is tied up in the land the stunning home sits on. But that just about wraps up our tour of Shroud’s $10 million dollar home!

I would love to hear what your favorite part is about the $10 million dollar house by leaving it down in the comments sections down below. As well if you had $10 million dollars laying around is this a home you’d purchase?

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