NBA Live ’07 Review

NBA Live ’07 Review

NBA Live 07 isn’t much different from last year’s game, and the numerous bugs and glitches make it not much fun to play.

Nba Live 07 is a joke!

Some shots taken while playing against the computer.
Music: Benny Hill theme song

NBA Live 07 11 Years Later…

NBA Live 07 11 Years Later!
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Can’t believe I’ve never played this game up until now!

Since this is my first time playing it, I can guarantee you, even though it is an old game, that did not stop me from having a blast!

With NBA Live 19 out, I wanted to visit some of the older NBA Live games in the series, and compare those older games, to the ones now!

Fun. Lots of fun.

Also swishes. Lots of swishes.

This game was definitely a classic for me! This was one of the Live games that I myself had never played up until now!

So, what do you think of NBA Live 07 11 Years Later? Do you prefer Last Gen NBA Live? or Current Gen NBA Live? Let me know with a comment! ^-^

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NBA Live 2005: Why Was It So Great?

NBA Live 2005 is one of the most fondly remembered NBA Live games ever made, but what made it so great? Still haven’t subscribed to SGO? ►►

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NBA Live 2005 is the 2004 installment of the NBA Live video games series. The cover features Carmelo Anthony as a member of the Denver Nuggets. The game was developed by EA Sports and released in 2004 for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and Windows.

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THAT WASN’T NO FOUL!! – NBA Live 07 (PS2) | #ThrowbackThursday ft. Juice

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