Queue Times Estimate Up To Month-Long Wait To Play Games Queue Times Estimate Up To Month-Long Wait To Play Games

Blizzard fans looking to enjoy a game today could be in for a little bit of a wait.

Climbing back to Diamond with McCree and long queue times

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How To Use Long Queue Times In Overwatch To Rank Up

Overwatch has some long queue times, but how can we use that to be positiv? Here are some things you can do, that will prepare you for the next ranked game and help you rank up fast in playoverwatch

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Relocate Your Character To Any Server Coming Soon! | NEW WORLD LAUNCH DAY

5 Quick tips to get you started in new world:

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Relocate Your Character To Any Server | NEW WORLD LAUNCH DAY

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WOTLK Classic Queue Times Will Not Get Better

Blizzard released some patch notes regarding the queued servers. It’s not looking good..

WoWHead Article:

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