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From paintings in watercolor to
acrylics and pastels, sculpture,
photography, digital art,  mosaics and
fiber art, the Winkler Gallery of Fine Art
offers the highest quality of art in the
DuBois, Pa and surrounding areas
Located in Downtown DuBois, Pa, the
Winkler Gallery of Fine Art offers a
formal yet relaxing atmosphere that
allows visitors to become immersed in
the many successful works of art on

Currently the fine art gallery is
representing  twenty artists and offers
the opportunity to view and purchase
works of fine art produced by these
local artists.

New Works are regularly introduced
into the gallery offering a new art
experience for the viewer with each
new visit.
Gallery is located in DuBois, Pa.
36 N. Brady Street

Tues. Through Thurs 11am to 5 pm
Friday & Saturday  11am to 8 pm.
Sunday closed
Monday closed
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All works property of the individual artist of the Winkler Gallery
Unauthorized Reproduction strictly Forbidden.
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Winkler Gallery
Perry Winkler's Keynote Speech at the 2015 Congressional Art Competition in Washington, D.C.

The 2015 Congressional Art Competition culminated in Washington, D.C. with the winners, members of Congress, and our very own
member artist Perry Winkler. Our 5th Congressional District Representative, Glenn Thompson, is a supporter of the gallery and
arranged for Perry to be the keynote speaker.

The video includes several speakers. Fast forward to 32:40 for Glenn Thompson's introduction of Perry.
Unfortunately, the speech was cut off before Perry shares his concluding statements. He was gracious enough to share his
written notes with us, as well as a few inspirational images which follow below:
I understand how today the lines between what is and is not politically correct
can be blurred. There are certain topics that that may be viewed as
controversial, but being that I was invited to share my personal experiences as
an artist, I feel compelled to share an important and personal component to my
drive and success as a painter.

As a young man in my late teens, I admit that I struggled, personally with the
concepts of religion, God, and spirituality. Even though my parents saw to it
that I attended church on a regular basis, it was not a “given” for me to have
true faith. It was only as I grew as a person and through life experience that my
faith has become a key component in my life and work. It has become
increasingly obvious that God has been present in my life, not only personally,
but also through my creative process and the many opportunities that have
been presented to me.

I no longer feel that, when only in eleventh grade, having my first art directors
job offer fall into my lap when the President of a major advertising agency
located in Asheville, North Carolina had a spontaneous meeting with my father
while on a hunting venture in the vast woods of rural Pennsylvania was just a
fluke. I don't view it as a “coincidence” that the Patsy Dunmire, an artist and
teacher who became a strong mentor and major inspiration to me was
employed at my school during the same period of time that I was enrolled
there. It also seems beyond coincidence that a spontaneous introduction in the
fall of 1978 at a dance club to an accomplished and successful artist named
Roger Nippress would lead to a priceless and life long relationship based on
our mutual appreciation for our craft.
I realize now God has orchestrated all of these critical meetings and
events in my life, and was doing so even before I had strength or
conviction with my faith. My final bits of advice to young artists are to
work hard, keep a positive attitude in spite of the ever present slings and
arrows that life may throw at you, and to develop a sense of gratitude for
the blessings that come your way. As long as you do your best, I know in
my heart, that God will continue to open doors and place those important
people and opportunities in your path, and that your future in art can
grow beyond your greatest dreams.

-Perry Winkler; Conclusion to his 2015 keynote speech at the
Congressional Art Competition in Washington, D.C.
La Bella Fontana
A Homeward Glance
Check our About Us page for
more activities of the gallery
Perry wishes to thank everyone who
assisted him in this contest with their
votes.  At present we are waiting for the
Official word from the Biltmore before we
begin Celebrating, but it is looking good!  
Jayne Parrot Magee
Jeff McCombie

On Feb. 6 2016 we held the reception for
Mary Hamilton.  It was a wonderful evening.

Her traditional linocut show is now hanging
in the gallery and looks wonderful.  

Stop by to enjoy her creativity.  The show
has been held over until Mar. 30th

More pictures of the event can be found on
our About Us Page
, here
Coming Soon!

Congressional Art Show

Sat. April 23 from 2-4